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Using IoT & Google Maps

Our small IoT device records the GPS locations of where it has been every 5 seconds, including speed, time, and location. Using Open Wi-Fi or your secure Wi-Fi networks you have access to at your office or locations. The easy to use IoT device sends the GPS information to for you to see where your vehicles have been.

The MagicGPS service, uses a small device that just needs to be plugged into a car lighter adapter and it is ready to go. Once it finds any available or open 802.11 Wi-Fi signal, it sends its MagicGPS Crumbs so you can see it on a Map. When you want to see where Your MagicGPS device has been you simply go to and login. You can even have complete control of your data, with your own in house hosted MagicGPS Private Instance!

How It Looks

MagicGPS records GPS Location, Speed, and direction of where it has been, creating “MagicCrumbs” a cookie crumb trail that you can see when you login to the It connects and sends the GPS location of where it has been “MagicCrumbs,” whenever it finds a free and open 802.11 Wi-Fi connection, or any Wi-Fi HotSpot you may know, or subscribe to. You can even have complete control of your data, with your own in house hosted MagicGPS Private Instance!

When you want to see Your MagicGPS Crumbs you simply go to and see where it has been.

MagicGPS Your Low Cost GPS Tracking Service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal: Cars, Boats, Campers, ATVs, and even you on walks…
Transportation: Fleet Cars, Trucks, Containers, Chassis, Rail Cars, Ships…
Healthcare: Personnel, Products Shipments, Equipment, Devices, …
Manufacturing: Asset Tracking, Fleet Cars and Trucks, Products, Equipment,…
MagicGPS can track just about anything that comes in contact with accessible 802.11 Wi-Fi during its normal movement.

Just power the MagicGPS Device on and it will do the rest. The device is powered by a car lighter adapter or directly wired in to any 12V/24V systems using any USB 5V 750A power converter.

The devices have 4 types of Wi-Fi access:
  1. Global Wi-Fi Hot Spot Open to all MagicGPS customers and devices
    (Open Wi-Fi Hot Spot with no passwords)
  2. Global Wi-Fi Hot Spot with Passwords open to all customers and devices
    (Wi-Fi Hot Spot with passwords like Pizza place with password pizza)
  3. Customer's Wi-Fi Units with Passwords for all MagicGPS devices that Customer owns.
    (Customer's Wi-Fi Hot Spot with known passwords i.e. customer's lots, terminals, container yards, distributors, suppliers, partner, or Wi-Fi subscription services like Verizon Jetpack, Sprint Overdrive Mobile 3g and 4g Hotspots. Customers of Cox Communications, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, and XFINITY allow each other's high-speed Internet customers to access more than 250,000 Cable WiFi® hotspots for free. Check your Zip Code for coverage.
  4. A Companies User's Cell Phone or Home with Passwords to User's devices
    (Cell Phone or Home Wi-Fi Hot Spot with passwords)
Below is a screen shot of a customer's trip that shows how many open Wi-Fi Hotspots their device found on its 3 day path. If you move your mouse over one of the Wi-Fi icons you will see the SSID or Name of the Wi-Fi Hotspots used "SmoketBonesWifi". This is in addition to the secured password protected Wi-Fi Hotspots you may have at your facilities, your customer facilitates, lot's, and drivers Wi-Fi enabled devices like cell phones out iPads.

MagicGPS Service Activations - $389.95 Includes Device, 1 Year Service Subscription and Your Web Dashboard with Google Maps!

Just $29.95 per year after... Let's Change GPS Tracking, with No More High Monthly Fees!

Once you have logged into your MagicGPS Dashboard will display the last known location of all units in your first group displayed on the left. By moving your mouse pointer over each device on the map it will show the last time it connected and sent it' s MagicCrumbs. You can use the pull down selector located at the top center of the map or put your own range of dates in to see a trail of the devices selected. When you move your mouse pointer over each MagicCrumb it will display the speed, date, time, and direction. You can easily select or deselect devices on the left side of the screen by checking the box to the left of the device name. To change your map from street map to satellite view simply click on the desired choice at the top right side of the map.

Device Connection Notification Alerts
You can receive email Notifications when a device connects and uploads new MagicCrumbs to your Dashboard. MagicGPS will send an email to the address you enter every time the device connects like the example below.

Subject: Upload notification for Big Truck bo5a
On Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:20:02 GMT device Big Truck b05a uploaded Magic Crumbs near 33.309305 / -112.032162 using the Cyber Coffee Wi-Fi Access Point.

Geo-Fencing and Notifications
Receive email notifications whenever a device enters or exits your Geo-Fence areas on next connection. Below is a sample Geo-Fence notification that was sent after a device exited a Geo-Fence area.

Subject: Device A cc:5a exited the MagicGPS office area on Tue, 15 Sep 2015 09:50:00
Device A cc:5a exited the MagicGPS office area on Tue, 15 Sep 2015 09:50:00 near 33.309533 / -112.032172 using the MagicGPS HotSpot.

Wi-Fi AP Connection Notification Alerts
You can receive email Alerts when a device uses a Wi-Fi Access Point. This can be helpful to alert customers you have arrived on site. MagicGPS will send an email to the address you enter every time the device connects like the example below.

Subject: Connection notification for Taxi d87a using Wifi HotSpot Wi-Fi AP
On Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:52:37 GMT device Taxi d87a Connected near 33.309163 / -112.031972 using the Wifi HotSpot Wi-Fi Access Point.

OverSpeed Notification Alerts
You can receive OverSpeed Alerts when a devices connects and uploads. Just enter the OverSpeed or top speed that you would like email Alert Notifications for i.e. 57, 65, 70,... An alert for every MagicCrumb that is over the entered speed will be sent as soon as the device connects to Wi-Fi and uploads. When you view the device on the Map the OverSpeed MagicCrumbs will be in Red indicating exactly where the OverSpeed occurred. Please see the sample of the OverSpeed notification and Map below.

Subject: OverSpeed notification for School Bus 79b0
Overspeed alerts like On Thu, 10 Apr 2014 01:36:25 GMT device School Bus 79b0 near 33.309163 / -112.031972 had a speed of 71.46 MPH.

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