No Monthly Service Fees!

$29.95 a Year!

MagicGPS records the GPS locations of where it has been, creating a trail that you can see. Whenever it finds a free and open 802.11 Wi-Fi connection or any of the Wi-Fi services you may subscribe to. It sends the GPS location information of where it has been to

When you want to see where Your MagicGPS has been you simply go to and login.

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MagicGPS Your Low Cost GPS Tracking Service!

Personal Tracking Transportation Healthcare Manufacturing

Cars, Auto Theft, Boats, Campers, ATVs, and even you on walks

Trucks, Busses, Containers, Chassis, Rail Cars, Airline, Cargo, Ships.

Personnel, Products Shipments, Equipment, Devices.

Fleet Trucks and Cars, Products, Equipment.

The MagicGPS service, uses a small device that just needs to be plugged into a car lighter adapter and it is ready to go. Once it finds any available or open 802.11 Wi-Fi signal, it sends its MagicGPS Crumbs so you can see it on a Map. When you want to see where Your MagicGPS device has been you simply go to and login. You can even have complete control of your data, with your own in house hosted MagicGPS Private Instance!
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